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Hi! My name is Giulia (pronounced ‘Julia’) and I’m a pocket sized photographer and outdoor adventurer.  It’s wonderful to meet you. 🙂

I work as wedding and portrait photographer and absolutely love what I do. When ever I have my camera in hand, I’m smiling from ear to ear. I love connecting to the people I photograph. Tell me about the quirky little details of your life, of how you met and fell in love and I’m hooked. I love good stories and tiny details – the real stuff. I want to photography you and your moments in an open, authentic and real way. 

Nearly thirteen years ago, I met my husband Gerry playing ice hockey. He scored two goals on me during a game and when he told me to come out of my net to cover my angles better I told him to fuck off and we’ve been playing hockey together ever since. We live in a small bungalow with our chubby beagle Meatball (she is the reason photography was invented). I am happiest in pine-tree forests, on the walls at any climbing gym, skating in an empty hockey arena, wandering through bookstores, with my camera in my hands, and snuggled next the Meat. Portaging, hiking, camping, road trips and spending time outdoors makes me alive. And besides hockey and climbing, Brazilian Jiutjistu is my sport of choice. <3

Thank you for exploring my site. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email at giuliaciampiniphotography@gmail.com (this is the best way to get in touch).

 I would love to connect with you over coffee to hear about your adventures, big and small, so please send me a little note. 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂
With so much photography love,

Some of my favorite things…32432 Page 1Giulia Ciampini is a photographer, filmmaker and educator from Markham, Ontario.  She has earned an Honors Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto as well as a Masters of Science in Education from D’Youville College, NY, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Documentary Photography, Film and New Media from Ryerson University. She also is an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds an Adult Teacher and Training Certificate from Seneca College and a Certificate of Photography Studies from Ryerson University. She has taught photography at the Markham Varley Art Gallery and has recently been a guest-lecturer in MFA in Documentary Media Program at Ryerson University.