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April 28, 2017

Cecilia & Mario’s Engagement Session



I met Cecilia over a decade ago in Cuba on an international student exchange program hosted by Ryerson. She was there doing social work with about 15 other students from a variety of disciplines and I was there with my camera taking pictures (it was a 2.2 Megapixel beauty that took a full 4 seconds after you pressed the shutter to take the photo and had zero manual controls). It was a wonderful experience and I always remember really liking her. She recently got in touch and told me about her sweet love Mario, how their met through their mothers and how excited they were to be getting married in Mexico later this year. These two run together – they do Tough Mudders Challenges regularly and as a result often head to High Park for some intense hill training. They wanted to do a session in High Park while the Cherry Blossoms were blooming and the blooms came early this year. It was a bit of a crazy session – with so many people there appreciating the blooms it was quite a challenge to get shots of these two without so many other humans in the background of their photos – but eventually we left the main cherry blossom area to find our own little cherry blossom tree and a bit more privacy. Their dog, Trouble, who now at 16 years old has a bit of a hard time hearing but if let off leash will still try to run as fast as his old bones can carry him.  I’ve got to say that I adored how Mario couldn’t hold himself back from photographing Cecilia during the session because she looked so beautiful in the blooms. <3


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