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January 30, 2017

Lidia & Chris Maternity


Hands down one of my favorite things about photographing young couples is seeing them grow together. I met Lidia and Chris when they were newly engaged couple. We did an early morning engagement session at Unionville Mainstreet where they had their first date (and where he later proposed!), about a year later we photographed their wedding, and a few weeks ago we did their maternity session for their first born!  These two school teachers have always been so loving – quick to laugh together and very excited about the future – but there was something special about the level of tenderness Chris showed Lidia throughout this very cold winter session. It wasn’t just the way he’d wrap her in blankets and jackets between shooting moments, warm up the car for some warm up breaks, and patiently help her navigate over icy terrain – it was more in the way that he looked at his pregnant wife. <3 These two are going to make really great parents.


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