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January 21, 2017

More Weddings! Shooting for Avenue Photo


<3 To say I love photography is an understatement. I love shooting for myself so much but I love shooting for other photographers too!

Every time I shoot with another photographer, I learn something new. It gives me a chance to be a little more creative, focusing on details and small moments, new angles and new techniques. I work from different spots, with a different focus and can experiment and play a bit more freely. Plus, because I don’t have to do all the editing when shooting for someone else, I have more time to shoot.

Avenue Photo is one of my all time favorite photographers to shoot for.  I first met Margaret, owner of Avenue Photo, when I was a student of the wedding photography course she was running at Ryerson years ago. She asked me to shoot for her shortly after the class ended and of course I jumped at the opportunity. I met Adam, Avenue Photo’s Associate Photographer, at Ryerson too – we did a lot of the same photography classes together back in the day. Margaret does such a formidable job with blogging and sharing her weddings and work (something I’ve got to get in the habit of doing more). They are both brilliant photographers, technically proficient and really creative, and I have absolutely adored working with them over the years.

Here are some weddings I’ve shot with the Avenue Team. <3 Can’t wait to work with this team this year and in the future. <3

Canoe Restaurant Wedding / Toronto Wedding Photographer

Belcroft Estates Wedding // Innisfil Wedding Photographer

The Doctor’s House Wedding // Kelinburg Wedding Photographer

Old Mill Wedding // Toronto Wedding Photographer

Royal Ambassador Wedding Photos • Kleinburg Wedding Photography

Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding Photos • Ajax Wedding Photographer

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen Wedding Photos • Valérie & James • Toronto Wedding Photography

Archeo Restaurant Wedding • Lisa & Zenon • Toronto Wedding Photography

The Doctor’s House Wedding • Erin + JJ • Kleinburg Wedding Photography



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